'Satya', born Satya Hinduja is a composer, sound artist, producer and DJ working with a range of musical instruments, voice, field recordings and alternate tunings for spatial sound environments.

Satya’s artistic practice embodies the synthesis of multiple trajectories: scoring for films and mixed-media installations and production, remixing and DJing (as Sound Underground). It was during this journey she discovered the interconnectivity between Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Kinesiology, Quantum Theory and Vedic philosophy.

This path has evolved into her life's project as founder of Alchemic Sonic Environment (ASE), a multi-sensory deep listening experience working at the intersection of sound, music and health designed to foster deep connections with oneself and the all encompassing ecosystem.

Merging her mother cultures' origin of meditative sound with the art of music, ASE is steadily evolving into a NeuroSound research and technology platform leveraging the therapeutic potential of sound for health and longevity.

Bridging ancient practices of sound and energy medicine with emerging technologies, Satya’s work researches the essence of resonance and seeks to redefine the transformative power of sonic perception aiming to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Where does sound come from?

A question that kept persisting during her research revealed the metaphysical Hindu concept of Nada Brahma (the primal sound of being). She then began incorporating the symbolism of ancient wisdom and yoga sutras within her minimalist and experimental music.

In 2014 these influences integrated to form Alchemic Electronica - compositions following specific guidelines that intend to invite a sense of wholeness in the receptive listener; leading to the neuronal regeneration of the intelligent body.

Satya’s conversation with the arts and health organically expanded into offering sonic meditations, public presentations, drawing and listening workshops with the engagement of collective learning and wellbeing, which has been gradually evolving into the ASE Method.

Since 2011 she has been collaborating with artists, neuroscientists and healing arts practitioners while exhibiting at various platforms such as Sages & Scientists Symposium, World Government Summit, Berklee India Exchange, the International Yoga Festival, MusExpo, Classical Next and Brain Mind.

Satya is currently working on her highly anticipated debut album, 'The Athenaeum of Sound', set to begin releasing in 2025. This groundbreaking project masterfully showcases the innovative integration of the ASE Method throughout the creative process, imbuing the very essence of the album with it's transformative potential. Comprised of seven meticulously crafted tracks, the first single, 'Essence,' is scheduled for release as the initial offering with the rest to follow over the course of the year, poised to captivate listeners as the heart and core of this unique auditory journey.

She is a formally trained musician with a Bachelor of Music in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music (Boston) and a Masters in Electronic Music Production from Dubspot (NY). An ardent learner, she is in continuous studies with respected international sound arts and healing specialists including Aurelio C. Hammer (Svaram Musical Instruments & Research), EMPRES (Electronic Music Practice and Research Collective) Oxford University, Dr John Belieu, Joshua Leeds, Alexandre Tannous and Raz Mesinai.

She was born in Mumbai and lives and works between London and New York.