Alchemic Electronica

Alchemic Electronica is a sub-genre of electronic music. It is a space of experimentation where the exploration of new artistic ground is combined with scientific research that builds on the medicinal properties of sound and music.

Founded by Satya Hinduja, Alchemic Electronica combines a vast range of traditional vocal and instrumental sounds with intricate overtone patterns and electronic soundscapes. Incorporating key principles of psychoacoustics, it is facilitated by emerging recording and spatial audio technologies. 

This new genre explores the space where music and mathematics coalesce - the primal ratios of the harmonic series. The building blocks of both mathematics and music, these ratios are expressed in the natural world from the micro to macro levels - from the orbits of planets to the oscillations of the electromagnetic field and the behavior of individual cells in our bodies, Alchemic Electronica works with an integrated approach.

Alchemic Electronica brings the inaudible frequencies into the range of human perception through octave transposition. It enables people to stop, look and listen to the world and connect to the boundless inspiration of nature through the visceral experience of music created by the interplay of these universal mathematical ratios.

Through the targeted use of sound, the listener is enabled to experience the universe more fully and simultaneously to experience states of meditation and profound tranquillity. Inspired by the work of a host of researchers including mathematicians, physicists, and neuroscientists, Alchemic Electronica aims to research and develop precision-tested frequencies which will then be used for therapeutic purposes, bringing the mind, nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance. The ultimate aim is to create a scientifically validated collection of psychoacoustic works, constructed with architectural precision and beauty to induce a higher state of health and awareness in the listener.


The soundscape titled Hanami - Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō is an integration of subtle elements sourced from ancient and modern technologies within the foundational drone frequency of 444 Hz and the lotus sutra chant, Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō, of Nichiren Buddhism.

444 Hz explores the possibility of using energy, frequency and vibrational medicine in support of resonance principles to affect emotional states and change DNA. Together, with the Buddhist chant of surrendering to mystic laws transmitted by Gauri Chopra, this piece aims to pillar the listeners receptivity of empowerment and transformation in universal sound.  Hanami - Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō embodies the Japanese tradition of experiencing the beauty of flowers. This sensation is an essential reference point of impermanence; a peaceful contemplation on the transience of Life. 

Mixed and Mastered by Brian Crowe @ The End Studios.