Alchemic Electronica

Alchemic Electronica is a sub-genre of electronic music marked by the convergence of sonic alchemy, neuroscience and microbiology. It is a space of experimentation while encompassing scientific research that affirms the medicinal properties of sound and music.

Alchemic Electronica, founded by Satya Hinduja, is a platform which employs a vast range of traditional instrumentation with complex harmonic overtones, vocal and electronic landscapes while using principles of psychoacoustics, emerging recording and spatial audio technologies. It connects frequencies to the rule of the octave within the equal-tempered chromatic scale (just intonation) to simulate quantisation of the audible sound range in the electromagnetic spectrum. The rule of the octave is where mathematics and music coalesce.

Through systematic applications of this rule and it’s periodic phenomena, the relationship between planetary vibrations and structures of atoms and molecules are felt. Alchemic Electronica considers naturally occurring sensations such as the orbit of planets, weather conditions, colour symbology, rhythms, tones, architectural works, the human body and universal mathematical ratios with an integrated approach. The primal sounds emitted within this foundation aim to unite expressions within states of meditation, beauty and science. 

Inspired by the work of scientists, mathematicians, physicists, neuroscientists and researchers, this genre was created to bring precision-tested frequencies used to alter the biochemistry of the body in order to merge with musical and experiential listening experiences. The objective is to bring the nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance by working with fundamental earth oscillations. These psychoacoustic works, made up by  creatively diverse artists, are architecturally composed to induce a higher state of awareness for the listener.


The soundscape titled Hanami - Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō is an integration of subtle elements sourced from ancient and modern technologies within the foundational drone frequency of 444 Hz and the lotus sutra chant, Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō, of Nichiren Buddhism.

444 Hz explores the possibility of using energy, frequency and vibrational medicine in support of resonance principles to affect emotional states and change DNA. Together, with the Buddhist chant of surrendering to mystic laws transmitted by Gauri Chopra, this piece aims to pillar the listeners receptivity of empowerment and transformation in universal sound.  Hanami - Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō embodies the Japanese tradition of experiencing the beauty of flowers. This sensation is an essential reference point of impermanence; a peaceful contemplation on the transience of Life. 

Mixed and Mastered by Brian Crowe @ The End Studios.