Union, a short film by Satya Hinduja

Union acts as a stepping stone, a moment for the senses to tune into the essence of Alchemic Sonic Environment. Synthesizing sound, drawing and film, this meditative inquiry unveils spontaneous symbolic markings such as the feminine, the masculine and the eye. Amidst this energy drawing, a triangulation of symbology emerges from color with an intention of grounding and balancing the viewers presence in the here and now.

The soundscape was recorded by Satya Hinduja during the Covid lockdown in Mumbai with two Shure microphones and a Zoom H5 handy recorder. Birds rising at dawn, Svaram’s harmonic rotator chime and the foundational frequency of 64 Hz are delicately composed and unified with the moving image in order to sensitise energies that reside beyond the rational mind.

For the best experience please put on your headphones and find a comfortable position within a dimly lit solitary space. Here, we ask you to spiral gently into the centre of stillness, a centre to listen by.

We look forward to deep listening with you.