"Many thanks to the artists, dreamers and believers who have dedicated their time and energy to bring my vision to life. I am eternally grateful"



Vision and Design : Satya Hinduja Studio
Associate Artist : Nissa Nishikawa
Creative Producer : Cecilie Graveson
Assistant in Research, Communication and Experience Design : Evie Ward



Photography : Shoot Art, Rohan Shrestha
Videography : The Outbox Project, Rohan Shrestha
Editing and Color Correction : Javier Pedraza Polo, Federico Chiesa, Jonathan Karam, Socrates Mitsios
Graphic Design
: Gauri Chopra, Edwin Baladi, Javier Pedraza Polo
: Nissa Nishikawa, John Connell
Web Development and Coding
: Jaime Gil; Miguel Gómez (ASE page) HGS Interactive
Scanning : Baboo Digital
Technology : Javier Pedraza Polo

Administrative Assistants : Melissa Swigert, Francesca Milazzo

Technical Assistants : Joe Gordon, Ebban Maeda, Chris Petti



Home page quote : John Keats
Path page quote : Helena Blavatsky